Freedom & the Nervous System, a 7-day Retreat for Women
Claiming our freedom and living fully embodied lives.
With Karin Ritchie & Rhianne van der Linde
5 – 12 July 2019

In this retreat for women, we invite you into a gentle and profound experiential exploration of safe ways for releasing the memory of and response to trauma. Whereby we reclaim renewed freedom to live fully embodied lives…personally, professionally and intimately.

This retreat will be valuable for those individuals who wish to enter more deeply into their own healing process and also for practitioners who are interested in deepening their skills and understanding of trauma.

The inability to be fully present where we are, is one of the symptoms of trauma. How do we move from dissociation, over association and hyper vigilance into gentle presence exactly as and where we are?

It is remarkable how many people have had some traumatic experiences in their lives which have left them stuck in some form of incomplete defence response – whether conscious and/or unconscious. Experiences ranging from falls, accidents, neglect, direct sexual invasion to emotional incest or sexual innuendo can be too much for us to process at the time they occur. As we are unable to defend ourselves, we often find ourselves stuck in fight, flight or freeze. We often find ourselves fixed in repeated emotional or physical responses, which leave us feeling helpless and stuck. The time for finding our freedom is NOW. The traumatic event is over, let us do the work and reclaim our right to choice.

During this retreat you will get a basic experiential understanding of how the nervous system processes traumatic experiences. You will also receive group coaching support in releasing the trauma held in your nervous system, enabling you to relate more intimately with your body. Opening to a deeper level of energetic experience there will be a natural expansion of consciousness.

Your facilitators :

Karin Ritchie:
Karin is a lover of life, a gentle warrior woman, passionate about growth and well-being. She draws on her journey of transformation from a traumatic life to one of grace. She is an Indian trained Kundalini Yoga teacher and a Trauma Healing Practitioner (SEP). She specialises in the interface between trauma and the portal that trauma offers to well being and true aliveness. Her ongoing studies include sexual trauma, global high, eye of the needle 1 & 2, Authentic Relationships, Conscious communication, Mind and Meditation and Beyond Addiction. Her extensive travels include assisting in training somatic practitioners in Hong Kong and assisting Dr Peter Levine at Omega Institute in New York. As a passionate healer, Karin seeks to create a conscious authentic life for herself and her clients. More about Karin at

Rhianne van der Linde:
Rhianne is an avid alchemist and a dedicated dreamer with a depth of knowledge and experience of transforming the mundane into the magical. Her personal explorations have led her into working with dreams, as a companion to those busy with their journey of dying, exploring the breath as a thread connecting us directly to source & processing and ritual with groups in wild nature. Truth as emptiness and Truth as embodiment – as consciousness expressing in form, in beautiful bodies of love…it is this language of the heart, this feminine language of embodiment & feeling that Rhianne is most interested in learning and sharing. More about Rhianne at

The Venue:
Ecotara is located in a stunning location in the southern part of the island of Gran Canaria. Just twenty minutes from the nearest beaches, but a million miles away from tourism and stress, Ecotara is the perfect place to relax, open and expand into spaciousness. It a place to understand and appreciate the true essence of the Canary Islands.

The nearest village from the retreat centre is Fataga, which nestles in the so-called ‘Valley of the Thousand Palms’ – a picturesque setting of tall cliffs, palms and fruit trees.

Ecotara is situated in 25,000m2 of land with fruit trees, organic crops, pool, jacuzzi and lots of space for deep relaxation and reconnection with nature.

We look forward to welcoming you to this little paradise.

VENUE: EcoTara (Island of Gran Canaria)

DATES: 5th – 12th July 2019

7 Nights in Shared Accommodation (2 or 3 women) including all Meals & Facilitation

$1,500 (Paypal or credit card)
R21,000 (SA EFT’s only)

Accommodation is limited to 14 women.
A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place
Balance of payment is due by 21st June 2019, two weeks prior to the start date of the retreat.

CATERING: Our menu will be vegetarian and organic. Dishes are delicately chosen for each retreat group as we adapt to the needs and preferences of the participants. In EcoTara Canary Islands we grow our own food in the ecological garden and we prepare everything from bread to jams in-house, using what is available from our vegetable garden and local farmers.

Enquiries & Bookings: Rhianne van der Linde: +27 (0) 83 679 1297 /