Art of Life Exploration; Healing Trauma

we all long for more freedom..

we all long for more freedom..
freedom to feel..
freedom to respond in the moment, rather than react loaded with the charge that belongs to another time…
freedom to be present in the lives that we are living.
freedom to speak up, to take the risk of saying what needs to be said..
freedom to leave, walk away from a situation that no longer serves
freedom to take a break from a stuck conflict and communicate through to deeper connection..
freedom from the fear of conflict
freedom to love..
what has freedom got to do with the nervous system?
the nervous system is geared to keep us safe. sometimes keeping safe calls on us to go numb in order to stay alive, more accurately to survive.
what does it numb us from?
from the physical pain that may be unbearable in the moment..
the fear or terror that we may be feeling..
from the emotional agony that is just too much to feel ..
from the anger and rage that surges up inside of us, wanting to defend ourselves by attacking and unable to..
from every cell in the body that wants to run away and hide and just can’t…
from the innate aliveness that wishes to live fully..
all and any of these feelings that were numbed out, may lie in waiting. waiting for the right moment to lash out and scream or even attack or run away. they may even drive us in our lives.. we may find ourselves always wanting to leave, often feeling more enraged than is warranted in situations, or dumb struck frozen, when we need to speak or move…or drowning in emotional pain..
the thwarted defence responses want to be completed in a safe and satisfying way so that we can have access to freedom and the pure bliss of being alive.
i facilitate individual and group processes to complete these incomplete responses. the completion supports in discharging the charge to fight, flight or freeze.. this is a big step out of survival into living more fully..